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Bridal Services are available at all Centre locations.

bridal style


Bridal Hair Style



Bridal Hair Style with Practice



Bridal Makeup



Bridal Makeup with Practice

bridal party style

Don’t forget your mom, bridesmaids and flowergirls.

Styles starting at $45


*A “+” sign after some prices indicates price variations among service providers based on experience with our company. Hair length or texture can increase price of service.

vomor hair extension system

Hair Extensions Today... are now appealing to all ages, as women play with different looks, just because they can. You can choose to add color, volume or length, maybe for a special occasions or just to make a simple change.


Why is VoMOR right for me?

Volume, Thickness, Color

A Seamless Look

High Quality, Every Time

Easy To Care For

Immediate Gratification

The Experience


The VoMOR Hair Extension System is available at any one of the Colorado locations

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